I chose wedding photography because I believe in the beauty of love and the promise of marriage. The overwhelming amount of happiness and joy that is experienced on a wedding day is what I want to be a part of, and I am so grateful that my passion has turned into my career. I want to capture those fleeting moments that are so special, the moments that you want to relive every day for the rest of your life. I take on a select number of weddings a year because my goal from wedding photography is to have clients turn into friends and lifelong clients. Documenting my couples turning into parents is one of the most amazing experiences I get from being a wedding photographer


I'm first and foremost a mother to two adorable kids and wife to the world's best husband. In our "free" time (that word is definitely used loosely now with our small children), we enjoy traveling, eating good food and listening to live music. I'm an enneagram type 2 and 6. I cry at almost every wedding I photograph. I pray for my couples and love following their journey as they transition to their next phase in life. In the summers you'll find me on the North Carolina coast. I believe heavily in chasing your passions, stepping out of your comfort zone, community over competition, experiencing life by serving others and that Ben Rector can do no wrong when it comes to music.