How does the design process work?

The design process starts by you going through your online gallery and creating a favorites list with those images you wish to have printed in your album. I'll then create your album spreads using software that allows me to streamline the proof and send it to you for comments and feedback before submitting it for print. You will receive a proofing link that will guide you through your album from start to finish.

How many images can I select?

For printed albums, I prefer cleaner spreads with a focus on those timeless portraits and fleeting moments that you want to preserve forever. I recommend no more than 3-4 images per page. For reception photos, if you wish to have every laugh out loud moment included in your album, I can compile several dance floor photos into one spread.

Can I add more spreads?

Each album includes 10 spreads (20 sides). Most of my couples will choose to add an additional 10-15 spreads for their album. Due to the thickness of the pages, there is a 25 spread (50 sides) maximum allowed for thick pages and a 50 spread maximum for thin pages. Thin pages are roughly 0.75mm thick and thick pages are roughly 1.15mm thick.

How long does it take to receive our album?

I order albums once a month. It generally takes one week to compile all of the images in to the online system and then it will be sent to you for proofing. Depending on how many edits you wish to make, you can generally expect to receive your album within 3-4 weeks of ordering and finalizing the list of images you wish to use.

What colors and materials are available?

These heirloom albums come in several color choices and can be made from genuine Italian full grain leather, linen and velvet. An online color brochure is available upon request.

Each album is crafted with premium thick, lay flat pages and will be delivered in a keepsake box. To see a sample of album swatches, click the links below.


Album Sizes

9x6 - $545.00

8x8 - $580.00

8x10 - $650.00

10x10 - $720.00

8x12 - $825.00

12x12 - $895.00

15x10 - $1000.00



Each additional spread - $15

Foil lettering - $45

Cover debossing - $45


Companion Albums

Duplicate albums sized the same or in a smaller aspect ratio can be ordered for your parents, grandparents or to simply have as an extra copy