20 minute mini-sessions and 20 digital images are included with your session fee.


Full Gallery

You have the option to purchase the full gallery of images after viewing for an additional fee.



A location will be sent to you two weeks prior to the event. Locations in the past have been contingent on foliage and include Raleigh area parks (Pullen Park, Fred Fletcher, NC Art Museum)

Raleigh Area


Day of info

Your mini-session will start and end promptly at your scheduled time. There is a very small buffer between each appointment built in for me to get set-up, find my next family, and guide them to our starting point. Due to the back to back nature of mini-sessions, it is EXTREMELY important that you arrive 5-10 minutes early. Sometimes a few minutes of running around can help your little one get the wiggles out before we start. Please keep in mind your family needs to be dressed and ready to go at the start of your appointment.


Mini-sessions will be delivered within 2-3 weeks following your scheduled date. You'll receive a link to an online gallery with all of the images from the session. You will then select the 20 you wish to download. If you wish you purchase to full gallery, you may do so for an additional $75.00.


I always set mini-sesion locations 2 weeks prior to the event as the leaves/foliage changes. I also consider lighting, festivals, parking, and areas that allow fur babies should you want to include them.

Who can come?

Mini-sessions are intended for you and your immediate family. Extended family members are welcome, but please keep in mind you are only allowed 20 minutes per session.


I always encourage parents of young children (less than 2 years old) to bring a grandparent or familiar face, a special toy, something that plays music or sounds to get attention, and most importantly BRIBES :) Marshmallows are a great treat since they are white (keep in mind food coloring/drool spots). For families choosing to bring a furry friend, have a walker come with you so we also have some uninterrupted time without your pet.